Andrea Black In a chance to win best record of 2016 by Radio Six International!

Andrea Black is one of our Artist Endorsers for Boulder Creek Musical Instruments and has been nominated for her song, ‘Jumpin’ Jeannie Beanie for The Best Record of the Year 2016. From her EP “TELL ME” by Radio Six International. The winner will be announced by Radio Six International at 17.00 GMT on Christmas Day. 
Andrea told us the inspiration behind this particular song. “The back story behind this particular song, is all true. I was signed to a label in Boulder Creek, and went over there in 2000 to record and album with a Lady called Jeannie, who my great friend and mentor, The late John Lee Hooker called Jumpin’ Jeanie Beanie”.
She is also still loving her Boulder Creek acoustic guitar, and will keep writing more songs!
Well done Andrea, we hope you win & we look forward to hearing more of your music.

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