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Kim, Sangkil, the founder of OGRE was one of the major musicians and recording studio engineers in Korea in the booming music industry during the early 90’s. Following his passion, he wanted to build the ultimate musical instrument company combining the knowledge of musicians needs based upon precision and emotion.

As a recording studio engineer, Sangkil knew how the marriage of these two should be dramatically matched. As the owner of Hankuk Precision, making metal components for worlds’ largest manufacturer, he was able to virtually imagine the first road map of OGRE.

At OGRE, we aim to exceed on three goals.

Design: OGRE makes the craziest, innovative and artistic product designs combined with functionality and sonic tones desired by all musicians. The innovative design is not just meant to look aesthetically exciting but designed with the functionality and ease of use for touring and studio musicians alike. Each product takes about a year to design and develop the exterior and another year for sound and component design.

Durability: We take pride that our aluminum made pedals and the respective build quality matches the worlds’ best manufacturing companies. If the tolerance exceeds over 3/100mm in any part, we consider it as an error and replace. At OGRE, we also hand test all of our products by real musicians to determine defects. We build to last.

Sound: This is the most important part of the Ogre Products.
We are proud that our sound engineers are not only engineers but are world renowned active studio and touring musicians. Every design from concept to final product must pass an extensive and rigorous testing which is a time intensive process as we believe the sound is the most important to our signature pedal tones.

Many musicians have been waiting for this pedal for a long time. Just imagine the pedal you can trust ’till the very end of the day of yours.

That will be the OGRE.

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