Prodipe a NEW way of Thinking…


A policy of transparency with a vision of the music market that defies current trends…Pro 8 3-Way

Products adopted and used by the   famous studios and music professionals.

How has this adventure been possible?

Firstly, because of globalisation. Today, at unmatchable prices, Asian countries can produce high quality audio equipment in cutting edge factories. Using this knowledge, Prodipe has been able to choose the best manufacturers, those same manufacturers who supply many other market brands.

But for Prodipe this has not been enough, so we have also exploited the expertise available from such sound and music professionals as Ludovic Lanen, one of the most respected French sound engineer and Claude Salmiéri, renowned drummer. These professionals, alongside the Prodipe engineers and endorsers/collaborators, have been able to contribute their considerable live and studio experience in the establishment of detailed specifications.rsl_bd


“When a manufacturer is able to offer this quality with prices unequalled at this level of professionalism, I have to say, “Yes to Prodipe!” I am committed to Prodipe because it’s a brand that listens to ”musicians”.

Claude Salmiéri : Drummer – Pianist – Composer – Producer


“Being able to contribute to the creation of professional products of similar quality to those of the big players in the market, but at an affordable price, has been a huge personal challenge. The gamble has paid off!”

Ludovic Lanen : Sound engineer

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