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Andrea Black is currently using the Boulder Creek ECL6 Acoustic guitar.

Andre Black – Biography. “Multi talented Andrea Black, Embraces all aspects of the creative worlds, weaving her singing/songwriting abilities through the pathway of her acting career with her distinct original style. As a lyricist, musician and vocalist. Her albums have been highly acclaimed internationally, with her first fan base in Japan.

Her seven diverse albums, are hauntingly well crafted, along with her new album ‘ether’ with Emmy nominee Robert Logan. That was released in the late autumn of 014 under the name of the the The Black Longdanberries. Andrea has played across the globe from Greece to Glastonbury, including the USA, Germany, and Romania. Performing to an audience of 300,000 in The Sound of Frankfurt Festival, to smaller intimate solo gigs.

A new solo album is also on the horizon with USA producer Steven Sea (Frank Zappa Band). Her mentor was the late John Lee Hooker. Andrea also went to GSA drama school and obtained a BA Hons. Her acting credits have recently included the role of a Shaman Woman, in the Stonehenge Empire directed by Jermey Tunerer to be shown worldwide on the BBC in september 2014. Other recent film credits in 2014 have been the leading roles of Abigail in outsider, karen in Halfway Home By Steven Harris.”

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