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Product Description

The pencil condenser is a critical studio tool, and the C5 matched pair is just the microphone duo for the important job. Miktek packed as much value as possible into these small-diaphragm condensers. They’re fitted with Miktek’s MK5a ½” capsule, which offers a full-bodied, super-linear response — just what you want from a critical recording mic. The other components in the Miktek C5 have been designed to offer up a sweet response that’s reminiscent of iconic mics from studio lore. You’ll love using the Miktek C5 matched pair as drum overheads. These mics are also a stellar combo for recording a number of nuanced acoustic instruments, including violin, acoustic guitar, and piano. Plus, thanks to high SPL handling, the C5 matched pair performs well on brass and woodwind instruments as well.

When you’re ready to treat yourself to a “big league” pencil condenser microphone experience, look to the Miktek C5 matched pair. It’s a great combination of high-quality components and a linear response, offered at a can’t-beat value. You even get an actual frequency-response graph — from your microphone’s very serial number — that Miktek captured during final testing in Nashville, TN. Step up to the Miktek C5.

Miktek C5 Small-diaphragm Pencil Condenser Microphone Matched Pair Features at a Glance:

  • Matched pair of small-diaphragm pencil condenser microphones
  • Cardioid pickup pattern
  • Great drum overhead microphone; also excellent on acoustic instruments
  • MK5a ½” cardioid capsule with 5-micron mylar, evaporated-gold diaphragm
  • Features an AMI T5 transformer
  • Hand-selected transistors
  • Individual serialized frequency-response graph
  • Comes in a wooden box that’s set inside an aluminum case
  • Includes 2 shockmounts, 2 clips, windscreens, and a stereo bar
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