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Product Description

The Miktek PM9 Handheld Dynamic Stage Microphone is designed to handle the rigors of live performance. The durable PM9 features a die-cast aluminum body with a steel grill, and its components include a proprietary AMI transformer and a neodymium magnet. The mic offers a clear and distinct vocal sound that Miktek describes as “modern, yet truly classic.” Its ability to handle high SPLs also makes it a good choice for drums, brass, and guitar amps.

The PM9’s supercardioid polar pattern provides a tight and focused directional pickup, rejecting on the back and sides, which reduces the chance of onstage bleed and feedback. The multistage windscreen helps to limit popped “Ps” and other plosive sounds.

The PM9 comes with a mic clip that fits both U.S. and European mic stands (the latter via an adapter), and a protective pouch.

    Dynamic vocal microphone offering clear and articulate vocal reproduction
Custom-designed neodymium magnet
Custom Miktek transformer by AMI
Supercardioid polar pattern offers tight response for less feedback
High SPL capabilities
Multistage windscreen helps minimize plosive pops
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