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Based on the exterior design of powerful image as you can see from the name on it, the Thunderclap distortion from OGRE has a wide tone spectrum from the boost, crunch tone, overdrive, to soft & heavy distortions, which creates more expression than you can imagine reliving worry to guitar players while selecting a distortion effect pedal.

It is the first Special Edition model on OGRE effect pedal line-up.

Product Description


1) High gain distortion with more powerful output level than other distortion pedals

2) The case with unique design which secures powerful durability by an die casting method

3) Adopting true by-pass method which delivers signals without hurting sound quality when effect becomes off

4) Effect on/off switching run by a pedal not a metal knob on a mechanical switch

5) Effect-on display using two blue LED windows with high visibility

6) Controlling internal noise after dividing the power supply part and the active part on effect by two boards

7) Arranging the input / output jack onto upper direction in order to make the best use of pedal board space

8) Adopting the original design knob which is convenient for controlling tone and volume

9) The hand-made effect pedal produced after thorough quality control.

Product Specification

Controls Level / Bass / Treble / Gain
Connectors Input / Output / DC input
Effect On Press the pedal switch to turn on the effect(the LED indicator lights up)
Input Impedance 1MΩ
Output Impedance ~50KΩ
Power Consumption 13 mA (Power on)
Power Supply DC 9V 006P / 9V(constant voltage) AC adapter (center minus plug)
Dimensions 117mm(W) x 149mm(D) x 71mm(H)
Weight 616.5g (without battery)
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