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Product Description

TT100 Duo UHF Lanen

  • UHF system with 2 x 100 frequencies.
  • Automatically finds and sets available frequencies.
  • Allows simultaneous use of 4 receivers = 8 mics.
  • Balanced timbre.


About the TT100 Duo UHF Lanen:

With 30 years of sound engineering under my belt, both in the studio and at the biggest live events, I would have to say that achieving a highly professional sound is my number one challenge, making quality the most important factor in the product design process.

What I’ve realized while working with Prodipe is that they use their knowhow to optimize the manufacture of exceptionally priced products without stinting on the quality that I’m after. This brand has made professional standard equipment available to everyone and I’m proud to be on their team.

There’s no point comparing Prodipe with budget products or low price big brand equipment. You’re better off doing the opposite. Compare our products with the best the market has to offer and you’ll find yourself switching to Prodipe.

Prodipe – for musicians who want the best”

Ludovic Lanen – Sound Engineer

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